100 Club of Kendall County 

Mission Statement:

The 100 CLUB OF KENDALL COUNTY is organized to engage in all activities necessary, useful, or expedient to encourage, promote, and further augment the safe and effective Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and Emergency Medical services in our primary service area of Kendall County, Texas by supporting first responders, their children, their families, and our community.

A Grant from the

John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation Fund

of the San Antonio Area Foundation

We're excited and proud to announce a grant from this esteemed Charitable Foundation! We'll see that the fund is put to good use in the maintenance of critical mental health training for our First Responders. Thank you, Laura Andersen, President

Who, What, When?

We are: A complete, qualified 501c non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the welfare of Kendall County first responders and their families.


What we do: We seek out First Responder families in Kendall County whose circumstances are deserving of extra attention, beyond that provided by typical taxpayer support. This can include assistance for the families of fallen heroes, tuition support for the children of First Responder families, mental health seminars, specialized hardware and so on…


What it costs: The 100 Club of Kendall County is run entirely by a group of dedicated volunteers, many of whom are retired First Responders, along with active members of the Sheriff’s Department, the Boerne Police Department, Emergency Medical personnel and the Boerne Fire Department. There are no administrative costs in this organization! That means that every dollar collected is available for the true cost of an expense.


Here are some of the ways your gifts have been put to use in recent times:






And, with your help, the list will go on…


There is little doubt that those of us who call Kendall County, Texas "home" are blessed. In addition to a bountiful life and great neighbors, statistics prove that the crime rates of this county are proportionately much lower than the rest of the state, not to mention the country as a whole. A very large portion of the credit for that fact is associated with the everyday presence of our First Responders, including our Police, Sheriff, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service Team members.

While we've been spared the agony of laying to rest any of our First Responder force since 2019, we intend to be fully prepared in the likely event a tragedy reoccurs. This organization will step in and do our best to alleviate and/or mitigate the circumstances that the family of a fallen First Responder will undoubtedly face.

As a donor and a 100 Club Member, each of you is entitled to full accountability for the use of your charitable donation to our organization. We pledge to you full transparency on the use of our funds and assure you that 100% of all collections will be used in the support of our First Responder programs; that is, we have no overhead expense and all our efforts are through volunteers.

Won't you please help us by pledging your donation for our mission of extended support programs for our First Responders? Simply click on the "donate" button below and we'll handle the rest.

Laura Andersen,
President, 100 Club of Kendall County, Texas

So, what exactly is the "100 Club?"

Membership in the 100 Club of Kendall County is available to any donor who contributes $100 or more to this charitable foundation. Membership is readily visible to the community through the 100 Club decal for autos and other vehicles.


Our charter provides this organization with a wide latitude to financially assist our county First Responders in whatever manner members of the Board of Directors agree is appropriate for any given situation. The following objectives provide a general overview for addressing the overall mission of this organization.

Financial Assistance given within 24 hours of a Line of Duty Death - Given with the thanks of a grateful community!

Scholarships for the children of fallen First Responders are considered.

We may provide financial assistance and counseling to seriously injured First Responders who are injured on the job.

According to a recent study, the attempted suicide rate for First Responders is more than 10 times the rate of the general population. This phenomenon has been acerbated by recent national social unrest and media criticism of the First Responder base. This organization will do its utmost to contribute to the well-being of all those designated as First Responders and their families. We will endeavor to help implement various programs for pre-emptive counseling through the creative use of mobile apps, paid counselors and other means.

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100 Club of Kendall County Auto Decal

Your annual $100 donation will entitle you to two (2) current year auto stickers for your auto and/or golf cart. It's our most popular item and a great way to show everyone of your support as you move about the community.

Donate Now!

Please consider becoming an active member of the 100 Club of Kendall County. Any size donation is welcome and all are fully tax-deductible. A $125 (or more) donation will entitle you to both the vehicle stickers and a yard sign!

Use the Donate below for any amount you wish. If you donate  $100 or $125 in an exact amount, you'll automatically receive your decals through the mail. If you opt for the yard sign, we'll ask that you use our contact information on the next page to make arrangements for the pick up of your sign.


Your $30 donation will entitle you to a yard sign signifying to the rest of the community that you fully support our First Responder Force.

If you have any problems, questions or comments regarding any aspect of this website, please contact Laura Andersen at this email address: president.100clubkc@gmail.com.